This is our local and regional cheer program.  Less Time commitment and less travel.  Yet still same sparkle and shine on the competition floor.   Ages 5 and up.

Those that are 5 years of age must have prior experience of cheer and/or dance and a solid cartwheel for consideration.    Athletes in this program practice 1 day a week during June and July and then able to practice 2 days a week from August to April.     This is a great entrance way into our elite cheer program.  Our prep cheer focus on level 1 tumbling skills of forward and backward rolls, cartwheels, round offs as well as front and back walk overs.    Our amazing instructors will teach our athletes to tumble.

Prep Athletes have in-house choreography and will perform in our annual showcase as well as 5 local and regional competitions.  

Platinum Force Athletics

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