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This program is for boys and girls that are not quite ready for the full-year commitment.   Ages 6 - 12.  This is a shortened season that runs from November to April and practice is 1 day per week.  This is great for the beginner athlete or those that are recreation cheerleaders that wish to extend their season.  This team will participate in 3 competitions. during the months of March and April.


This program is for ages 4-6.  Children must be 5 in 2023  to join this program.  No evaluation for our Tiny Novice Program.  Just come in to register.  Registration for Tiny Novice starts May 1, 2021, and will continue until the program is full.  Practices are 1/day week for 1 hour starting in August 2022 and continuing through April 2023. 

Our Tiny Novice Athletes will work on perfecting their forward rolls and cartwheels and learning how to do ground-level stunts.  Coaches will put together a 1 minute 30-second routine that is sure to please.  They will attend our annual showcase and 4 local competitions.  A great opportunity for your little one to get started in competitive cheer.


This is our local and regional cheer program.  Less Time commitment and less travel, yet still the same sparkle and shine on the competition floor.  Ages 5 and up. Those that are 5 years of age must have prior experience of cheer and/or dance and a solid cartwheel for consideration.   

Athletes practice 2 days a week.  1 day of Tumbling and 1 day of Cheer for a total of 3 hours a week. This is a great entranceway into our elite cheer program.  Our prep cheer focus on level 1 tumbling skills of forward and backward rolls, cartwheels, round offs as well as front and back walkovers.    Our amazing instructors will teach our athletes to tumble.  Prep Athletes have in-house choreography and will perform in our annual showcase as well as 5 local and regional competitions.


This is levels 1 - 4.  Ages 5 - 18 years of age.  Teams participate in local, regional, and national competitions.  Professionally Choreographed teams.  Prior Cheerleading or Gymnastic experience is required.  Summer practice starts in June and takes place two days per week.  Starting in mid-August, our teams change to 3 days per week.  Elite Allstar Teams require dedication to tumbling and stunting at the highest level for competition.  Cheerleaders selected must have full dedication to Allstar cheer.  Elite Athletes must be available for a mandatory stunt clinic and professional choreography which will take place during the summer.  

Attendance is mandatory on Elite Travel Teams from August to April.  

Team members will compete in local, regional, and national competitions.  Events may be 1 or 2 days worth of competitions.  Elite Teams will participate in Bid Events.


This is our exceptional athlete program.  They practice 1 day/week on Friday evenings from August through March/April.  Our athletes work super hard and have a heart of gold.  Our "exceptional" athletes exhibition at various local, regional, and national competitions.  Our Special needs  Cheerleaders can start as young as age 6 and go through Adults.  Certified Special Needs Instructors work with the cheerleaders to perform exceptional cheerleading routines.  Youth, Teens & Adults are welcome!